New Responsive Customer Portal Now Active!

Our billing system has had an overhaul, it's now responsive, which will make it easier to view on tablets and mobile devices.

Any problems, or feedback, please drop us an email.

All the best


8th Apr 2014
New Theme for Billing Area

Hi Everyone,                 we're currently working on moving our main theme over to the billing area so it all matches, it's a work in progress, and will be working on polishing it over the next few months. Our billing system isn't responsive as ... Read More »

4th Feb 2014
Message Scoring Adjusted for S1

Hi Everyone,
                 the spam database and collection is more mature now, so I'm adjusting the spam scoring thresholds. I can't talk about specifics for security reasons though.

All the best

David Hazelden

3rd Feb 2014
Improved Web Hosting and Servers now at Ecommerce Sussex

Hi Everyone,                 we've been busy setting up an improved infrastructure, we've taken what's good about our old setup (the virtualisation and backups), and replaced/improved as much as we could.Our new cPanel servers have the following new ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2014
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