Product Range Refined and Reduced

Hi Everyone,                 we previously had some 100 products available for purchase, the range has been reduced to our most popular products, and we'll be focusing on improving the features and support on our current offerings.Removed:- - All SSL ... Read More »

27th Apr 2014
cPanel Updates, Kernel Updates, MariaDB Updates

Hi Everyone,                  Happy Easter! Just to let you know, around 15:30 we've performed various updates to s1.systemhosted.comThis will add new features, and address any outstanding security updates. No Downtime is expected.Hope you are enjoying your ... Read More »

21st Apr 2014
Heartbleed Bug -Patched and Checked

Our services (as part of cpanel) use OpenSSL, as such they have been vulverable to this exploit. We have patched and verified this exploit no longer works on our servers, you're welcome to do this with 3rd party tools.

9th Apr 2014
New Responsive Customer Portal Now Active!

Our billing system has had an overhaul, it's now responsive, which will make it easier to view on tablets and mobile devices.

Any problems, or feedback, please drop us an email.

All the best


8th Apr 2014

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